About Woven Society

Woven Society is not your average retail site. We're not about trends. Or hype. Or bragging rights. We don't believe in "stuff". 

What we DO believe?  

We believe you can make smart purchasing decisions instead of reacting to the latest must-have product. Think about what you're buying, and why you're buying it. We try to help by providing interesting stories behind our products and companies. 

We believe your product should last as long as you want it to. Unless you want it to break tomorrow. Then you're shopping at the wrong place.

We believe you can live well with less - which may sound like an oxymoronic statement for a retail site to make, but hey, just call us oxymoronic. Less "stuff", more items that are high quality, made with care, and add value to your life. 

We believe there are people and companies who share our philosophy, and we are gathering them together to create a society...our Woven Society.