BBQ, Beer, and Beach Bocce: Chase and Andy of Howler Brothers talk favorites

By Woven Society Team


Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian of Howler Brothers may not be related by blood, but their belief in doing things the honest and pure way created a bond just as unbreakable. Inspired by the calls of howler monkeys in Costa Rica, they formed the company to craft limited run, high quality clothing and goods influenced by surfing and coastal sports. As the Brothers say, they’re “clothes you might wear when you’re hearing howler monkeys from your hut after a day well spent.”

Howler’s honesty and purity is evident in their high quality clothing. You know how so many companies claim, “We personally test ALL our products!” and then you wonder how the loose buttons or cheap fabric gets past them? Well, Chase and Andy really DO test every garment themselves, ensuring tight quality control. “Most of our testing is done on our own backs,” they say.  “We’re out all the time giving our garments a work out and making sure they not only meet our quality standards, but are also simple yet functional.  We also shoot some things out to our brand ambassadors and let them weigh in.”

Since it’s officially spring and we’re itching to get outside, we asked avid outdoorsmen Chase and Andy to weigh in on some things, too - like their favorite sports, eats, collabs (of course), and drinks around the Howler Brothers’ base of Austin, Texas. 

Hi Chase and Andy! What are your….

Top five favorite sports? 
It varies for each of the Howler founding fathers, but we would say fly fishing, surfing, paddling, beer drinking and beach bocce ball are our collective favorites. We like doing them just about anywhere, but recently we’ve found ourselves in Nicaragua, Eleuthera in the Bahamas, and St. Kitts, in addition to our home state locations in Texas and Virginia.  

Best places in the Austin area to…
You should drive a few hours to the Gulf coast to maximize your fishing. There are some small and laid back areas in Port O’Connor and Rockport, Texas where you can find redfish in the shallows pretty much any time of year. 

(Salt Lick image via adactio Flickr)

Eat barbecue? 
This is a big one, so we’ll take the liberty of breaking it down into categories. 
Best road trip: The Salt Lick in Dripping Springs 
Neighborhood favorite: Ruby’s BBQ
Critically acclaimed:  Franklin just got named the Best Barbecue in America. A hotly debated topic, no doubt, but great barbeque for sure.

Have a beer? 
Another big one, but our current favorites are Lustre Pearl for atmosphere and Frank for great local beers and gourmet dogs.

Swim or boat? 
Hit up Barton Springs for the best place to beat the Texas heat. It hovers around 70 degrees year round. The Greenbelt and Lady Bird Lake are a couple solid aquatic alternatives as well.

Favorite new collabs we'll be wearing?
We have a new batch of hand forged silver-plated steel buckles being made by Wes Groot over at Cityboy Forge. Incredible craftsmanship. Also, we are looking forward to releasing some new t-shirt designs from our artist series. [Ed. note: Howler's artists series is a collaboration with their favorite artists and designers to craft short run pieces, like the Soul Arch and Chicken Fin by Keiron "Seamouse" Lewis; the Howler de los Muertos by Adam Stockton; and the InSea Trident, jointly created by Chase & Ryan McInnis of InSea TV.] We are particularly excited to feature New York-based “artist and patriot” Duke Riley this summer.  

Awesome tequila recipe?
Lately we’ve been doing some experimenting with infusing tequila. It’s really easy. The one we just created was a strawberry jalapeño tequila. It might sound kind of odd, but trust us. All you have to do is pour tequila into an airtight glass vessel and add some chopped strawberries and a few jalapenos. Wait a few days, strain it through a cheese cloth and invite your friends for some pretty tasty margaritas.    

Howler's Guayabera is the perfect shirt to wear while kicking back with a couple strawberry jalapeño margs. Pick it up here.

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