Five Must-Haves: Duke Cannon of Duke Cannon Supply Co.

By Woven Society Team

What do you mean, "Who's Duke Cannon?" Duke Cannon is a man with some definitive ideas. According to Duke, in his time, "Men pursued meaningful endeavors. They worked with their hands. They took pride in the things they built, not the things they bought." We like the sound of that.  

We also like his Big Ass Brick of Soap: a no-nonsense, gets-you-clean bar modeled after the rough cut "brick" used by GIs in the Korean War, manufactured in the same plant that was the primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years. 

So get clean like your grandpa...after you check out Five Must-Haves: the Duke Cannon edition. 

(image via Robert S. Donovan Flickr)

1. A Charcoal Weber Grill
Sure, the iPod is great, but when it comes to icons of American design and engineering, we still prefer Weber’s Kettle Grill. Beyond its classic looks and incredible function, though, what we like most is its inconvenience. Simply put, it takes effort and time to use a Weber charcoal grill. And in our high-speed digital world of meaningless instant gratification, we think slowing down and basking in the aroma of grilled meat is a good thing. 

(image via Primshree Pallai Flickr)

2. A Bottle of 18-Year-Old Scotch
Age 18 is a wonderful milestone for many reasons, not the least of which, it’s the age when Scotch becomes delicious to even those who don’t like Scotch. The crown jewel addition to most men’s bars, a bottle of 18-year-old Scotch should be saved for the special occasions worthy of such a fine drink. There are many fine options out there; we like Glenlivet 18. Serve it neat, in the proper glass, accompanied with a pithy, but thoughtful, toast. 

3. A Sawzall
The problem with most urban professional men is that they're more familiar with tools made by Microsoft than Milwaukee. But for those confined to cube farms banging out spreadsheets and Powerpoint "decks", there's nothing more therapeutic than using actual power tools. We like the Sawzall reciprocating saw by Milwaukee Tool Company. Yes, it can be used for a variety of purposes like sawing through 2x4s or small tree limbs, but mostly we like it because it feels like we're holding a machine gun.

(image via Lifehacker)

4. Set of Jumper Cables
We’ll acknowledge that most men probably own a pair of jumper cables somewhere. But a real man knows how to use them without reading his car’s instruction manual, and more importantly, he uses his cables to jump someone else’s car more often than his own. 

(image via The Real BSmile)

5. Vintage Sports Memorabilia
We love our favorite sports teams as much as the next guy, but even we have to admit that posters, pennants, and God forbid, Fatheads, have no business in the home of a man living outside the confine of his parents. That’s why we like vintage sports memorabilia; it allows us to display our love for our favorite teams in a way that even a wife could support. Consider buying and framing a black and white photo of your team’s squad from the '30s. Or consider framing a vintage hockey sweater. If it’s pre-1970 and framed, it will look better on your wall than anything you’ll find at Crate & Barrel.