Ask An Expert: Todd Horowitz of Greensbury Market

By Woven Society Team

Welcome to our ongoing "Ask An Expert" series! We're soliciting you, our beloved readers, for questions directed towards the experts from our Woven Society family of companies. Questions about what? Well, it depends on which expert we're asking. 

(image via livefire)

This week, it's Todd Horowitz, owner of Greensbury Market. Started in 2004 by self-proclaimed "meat guys", Greensbury is like your local butcher...if your local butcher was 100% Certified USDA Organic, only sold grass-fed beef, and only dealt with farmers who take care of the land and raise their animals humanely, without antibiotics or synthetic hormones and pesticides. 

So if you've ever wondered exactly what "organic" means, or what farmers use instead of synthetic pesticides, or which cut of meat to get for your barbecue, Todd can help you out.

Send your meat questions to: tipsATwovensocietyDOTcom. You have until next Wednesday, February 8th. We'll be rewarding the person who asks the most fascinating question with a 10% off code. That's, like, no tax! What are you waiting for?