Another Valentine's Day Gift Guide (that doesn't suck)

By Woven Society Team


Hey friends, it’s time for another Valentine’s Day gift guide that doesn’t suck (you can check out Geren Lockhart’s previous recommendations here)! To turn this holiday into something a little more meaningful, we're asking a few of our favorite people to come up with thoughtful, personality-filled gifts that'll have lasting impact for your significant other.  

This list comes to you courtesy of Arianna Orland, a real Renaissance woman who co-owns design studio Activate, teaches the occasional class, and prints unique letterpress posters as Paper Jam Press. Guys, her gift recs definitely do not suck.

I happened upon the HoiBo workshop in the Distillery on a trip to Toronto and have been fantasizing about owning one of their bags since. They are handmade lux, fashionable yet rough hewn. Owning one would make me feel like a modern day Mary Poppins, prepared to handle anything that comes my way, while looking crazy stylish doing it. 

(image via NYTimes)

2. Culture
Tickets to any kind of live performance always make great gifts. It's something to look forward to, and something you can do together. This one (first in a series of seven) in San Francisco kicks off with Maria Kalman, the amazing illustrator, artist and designer. I'd be happy going to just one. A gift of all seven would bowl me over. You like me, you really like me!

My boyfriend and I moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco a year and half ago, and I miss it every day. This quilt is just lovely, like a glimpse of NYC right after a snowstorm before the muck of the city settles back in. Any gift that keeps a person cozy is a great way to say "I dig you and want to snuggle."

I print letterpress posters myself and can really appreciate the craftsmanship and effort that goes into making cards like this. I have a soft spot in particular for sweet, dorky, awkward expressions of love. As an added bonus, this card features a unicorn as the bearer of that sentiment. 

(image via Vintage Mixer)

Hands down best chocolate I've ever had. It's velvety and dark, rich without being heavy. The packaging...gorgeous indigo color with a simple Swiss modern looking label. Getting a box feels like you've died and gone to a party in chocolate heaven and this was in the goody bag they gave you on the way out.